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on social media sites. >>> now to the virginia state capitol in richmond where governor bob mcdonnell delivered his third state of the commonwealth address in mid-january. this is about 50 minutes. >> thank you. thank you. you've obviously come back well-rested. mr. speaker, mr. president, justices of the supreme court of virginia, judges of the state corporation commission, ladies and gentlemen of the general assembly, my fellow virginians, good evening. it's both my duty and my privilege to join you tonight on the set of steven spielberg's epic feature film. "lincoln." for the annual state of the commonwealth address. i hope it's all right with everyone because i invited some of your neighbors tonight. the first lady and four of the mcdonnell children and my new son-in-law are here with us in the gallery. now, i think this is my 21st state of the commonwealth speech. only the third that i've delivered. and this is always a very special night. when all three branches of government are gathered in a building designed by thomas jefferson, from which for centuries ideas promoting
, $110 million is 1/8 of 1% of an $85 billion budget. the largest in the history of virginia. so i say to you, if we can't find the resolve to use 1/8 of 1% of the budget for additional transportation maintenance funding, then we are not serious about maintaining our transportation infrastructure in virginia. we will also propose some other reforms to virginia department of transportation and reduce timelines for construction and other things to make our road building projects go smoother. we will reform and promote new expansions in the port of virginia. a great asset for us that can be a global leader in international shipping, and the growing space port on the eastern shore. i think it is also time that we address head on, ladies and gentlemen, the hard realities of our woefully underfunded state retirement system. as of the june valuation, the funding status of the system was 70% for state employees and 66% for teachers. you read the j. lark report. they said the numbers will go to 63 and 61% respectively in 2013. that's unsustainable. i do not want to pass this problem on to anoth
are down to near zero across parts of central virginia. right now, we have it near 40 degrees at washington. in the mid 40s elsewhere across much of west virginia, virginia and maryland. and the densest fog, here's the latest visibilities. down to 1/3 of a mile at reagan national and throughout much of southern maryland, down to a half to 1/3 of a mile. culpeper, visibility, zero. some really thick fog there. west and north, it's really not as bad. the visibilities are around five to ten miles per hour. we still have quite a bit of cloudiness around. there may be a few lingering sprinkles around the panhandle of west virginia. there's the live view from the city camera. reagan national airport is lost there in the fog. you can barely make out the lights of the airport now. by 9:00, a lot of the fog will be dissipating. we still may have poppy fog around. sun -- patchy fog around. sunrise at 6:57. mostly sunny through the rest of the afternoon with mild temperatures for february, mid 50s by mid-afternoon. we'll have the friday evening planner in ten minutes. that's the way it looks right now
of the program. you addressed some of those concerns but not all of them. our focus is -- our folks in virginia have concerns that i want to see if you can give us an update on. there's a requirement for certification of the benchmarks in the final ruling 95% have to be certified by 2013. the question -- i think you had responded earlier in a letter that there would be some technical assistance and grants that might be provided to the states for the purposes of the certification process can you give us an update on that and what kind of certification help might be available? also a question about the time line -- the final roll calls for the nutrition standards for lunch is to be in place by july of 2012 and then practiced standards by 2014. there is some feeling in our state that this will take a fair amount of training in order to get that done at the state and local level. is there some flexibility in those time lines and will there be some assistance from usda to help us with the training portion? >> governor, congress is aware of the fact that there would be a need for assistance to states
it can more easily fit inside your pants. today, in virginia, a cascade of amazing things happened in republican politics. first, "the washington post" reported that republican governor bob mcdonnell's staff and handful of anti-abortion republican state legislators met last night to try to salvage the national disaster they had gone into to have you have to have an unnecessary vaginal probe against your wishes and even if your doctor objects, if you wanted to get an abortion in that state. now the legislation has already passed. it's passed both houses of the virginia legislature, thanks to republican majorities in both. the republican governor and vice presidential hopeful, bob mcdonnell had said he would sign this bill into law. it was all proceeding apays, this is all going according to plan, until the national media noticed what was going on and everybody freaked out and it made it in a joke on "saturday night live "a giant protest at the capitol, this whole thing had become all of a sudden a political emergency. so, back pedal, back pedal, according to the washington post, the
in virginia, bob marshall, also a republican. he once tried to outlaw swearing in e-mail. not just by teachers, not just by any one group of people, not a particular kind of email, he proposed virginia state government outlaw profanity by anyone in any e-mail sent from the commonwealth of virginia. it's one thing to think swearing is bad. it's another thing to say that swearing is bad or to ask other people not to do it. but to dislike swearing so much that you would expand the role of government, you would create a government so intrusive that the government would monitor your speech and read your e-mails in order to prosecute you for swearing, few people are that dedicated to stamping out curse words. but that is what arizona is considering today, for the teachers. on the state's 100th birthday. that is how seriously bob marshall took the problem of virginia's e-mail swearing epidemic back in the 1990's. >>> this year, virginia delegate watch your mouth bob marshall is championing a really big government conservative cause. an anti-abortion anti-birth control personhood bill that would defin
into the metro area. you can see them moving through west virginia, ohio, marching east. they may have moderate to heavy rain later this morning into the early afternoon. then a break in the afternoon and more showers in the nighttime. temperatures around 40 degrees right now. 40 in germantown and alexandria, 37 in la plata. 39 in stafford. rain off and on today, moderate to heavy at times. some heavy showers could have over an inch of rain in spots. scattered clouds tomorrow, sunshine, warmer and breezy if, highs in the '60s tomorrow. let's go to lisa baden. >> travel times in our favor on interstate 95 in maryland, not bad on 270. 450 westbound we need to discuss alternative routes. >> there's a road collapse affecting alternate route 1. >> jummy olabanji is there. >> good morning. this is where the road has partially collapse in bladensburg. it's only about 8 feet to 10 inches long and 8 feet wide. they have in blocked off. you can see traffic going by on route 1 where the traffic cones are. around 11:30 last night they found out about this ditch and called crews out to shutting down. they a
historians who will nominate person of the year 1862 here at the library of virginia in richmond, and we will go back in just a moment to hear from emery thomas, professor of history emeritus from the university of georgia. the nominees are frederick douglass, stonewall jackson, admiral david farragut and george mcclellan. you're watching live all-day coverage on "american history tv" on c-span3. >> ladies and gentlemen, if you could return to your seats and let us get restarted. is the mike not on yet? okay, good. the mike's on? okay. ladies and gentlemen, let's get restarted. gee whiz, jack mountcastle, george mcclellan, what an interesting choice. it's my great pleasure to introduce our fifth and final nominator, emery thomas. he drove up from athens, georgia, where he's a professor of history emeritus at the university of georgia, but he's really coming home. he and his wife fran are native richmonders. as a matter of fact, emery starred on the thomas jefferson high school football team as the center and the quarterback was james henry benford p.iii who is now the superintendent at t
today and this evening. monterey, virginia, getting highest wind gusts. even alexandria, virginia, tonight, 51-mile an hour wind gusts. hagerstown 53. bwi getting 54-mile an hour wind gusts. it's been a blustery day and evening. right now, the wind gusts not as bad. around 28 in downtown. 24 in gaithersburg and 23 in winchester. we'll see the winds start to diminish slowly over night into early tomorrow. when you factor in the windchill, the air temperature, it feels like in the 20s. 28 in downtown. 23 in frederick. 21 in hagerstown. even manassas feels like 27 degrees. overnight, becoming clear, breezy, and cold. a 1 to 2 blanket night. if you are waking up tomorrow night, bundle up. lots of shine. you will want your sunglasses. temperatures in the 40s by 11:00. andrea will talk about your weekend forecast and a mild warmup coming this way. >> thanks very much. left to die, montgomery county police say a 24-year-old man was hit by a driver who never stopped. and tonight, police need your help in finding whoever killed that pedestrian. it happened near norbec and westberry roads.
as the center and the quarterback was james henry benford p.iii who is now the superintendent at the virginia military institute. emery went from thomas jefferson to the university of virginia, where he was a two-sports star. one as the center on the football team, and two is the captain of the party team at the deke house. emery has written widely and perceptively on many aspects of confederate history and biography including the volume about the confederacy in the new american nation series, an acclaimed biographies of jeb stewart and robert e. lee. he's an old friend of the museum of the confederacy and has written and lectured about the museum itself and its role in civil war memory. his latest work "the dogs of war 1861" is a collection of essays that are apropos of the civil war sesquicentennial, he'll be in virginia in april lecturing about jeb stewart at the university of mary washington. great live series on april 3rd. today he'll be nominating -- i can't say it, i'll let him tell you. but, emery, if you get up here and talk about jon bankhead mcgruder, i'll cut you short and we'll g
and gallery on our web a day off in the university of virginia murder trial perry proceedings were suspended on to be theupposed the trial because illness. george huguely is accused of attacking -- attacking his ex- love andd yeardley left her for dead. proceedings are to resume tomorrow. >> now, developing news out of michigan. the underwear has been sentenced to life in prison. had farouk abdulmutallab already pleaded guilty to try to up a u.s. plane bound for on christmas day. a bomb hitting in his underwear fire and it failed to explode. acting on behalf of al qaeda, he said. to 30 has been sentenced of home detention for illegal use of election day robocalls. he is to serve 500 hours of community service. it implied that martin o'malley enough votes to win to suppress african- american turn out. >> a possible roadblock in the debate over gay adoption. the house is expected to follow. members of congress are stepping to block theening measure. more from inr has the newsroom. the governor says he plans to pass the bill as soon as it passes the house. say the bill discriminates o
, and spotsylvania county schools in virginia will close two -- will open two hours late. >> watch for possible iic patches, anyone on the boaroads -- icy patches. adam caskey first period >> a little breezy this morning temperatures in the low to mid 30's. it feels like the 20's on this monday morning when you factor in the wind on this president's day. morningside, 34. 33 in alexandria. fairly similar temperatures out there, low to mid 30's for the most part. 29 in berkeley springs. breezy through lunchtime. 48 today, sunny. barlett cloudy tomorrow with a few isolated sprinkles possible nor trust of the metro area tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast coming up. back to you. >> thank you. let's hit the roads and check in with john gonzalez, tracking conditions in virginia in bristol. >> it appears the snow has melted. perhaps some slick spots because the roads are wet. and it is cold. fortunately, this does not appear to be cold enough to create a lot of problems. it did snow several hours last night in virginia and areas south. it was thick and wet. it turned into water right away. vdot did not
if they are on the scene. so stick around. a live picture of 270, stated. looks good in virginia on 66 and 95. now to adam caskey. >> in the belfort furniture weather center on this morning we have action on the radar screen and it's going to be an active day with wind thunderstorms, springlike temperatures and a little muggy air outside. there's light rain northwest of the washington area. upper montgomery county, frederick county, according winchester, panhandle of west virginia and western maryland for the morning. and partly cloudy. 40's to near 50 right now. 72 this afternoon. mid 70's farther south of the metro later on today especially in fredericksburg. and fredericksburg thunderstorms between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. and some storms could become severe especially in southern maryland and the northern neck of virginia and through the middle peninsula towards tidewater. some storms could contain hail and damaging winds. it will be very gusty this afternoon across the board. around and death and time the wind will be increasing. gusts 50-60 miles an hour later on today. highs in the a upper 40's this
in a high-profile murder case involving two of virginia students. >> the new york giants given last rites by many in december are the super bowl champions in february. >> for the second time in four years eli manning led his team to pick a victory in the nfl's biggest game but tonight was not without controversy during the halftime show. good morning, washington. it's monday, february 6. >> i am cynne simpson. thanks for waking up with us. probably a tough start for a lot of people. traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. almost a full moon. >> a beautiful morning. there will be frost on the windshield early this morning. in west virginia and western maryland and valleys out west there is a dense fog advisory. 27 degrees in frederick, 28 in hagerstown. dulles airport, 25. 30 at martinsburg. a lot of sunshine today. warmer than yesterday, rising to the impact low 50's. very pleasant. tomorrow we will start the day around freezing, rising into the mid to upper 50's by tomorrow afternoon. pretty straightforward, a lot of sunshine for the rest of the week exc
university of virginia lacrosse player is preparing for the saturday of his murder trial. >> incomplete. >> plus another fantastic finish at the super bowl as the new york giants claim another super bowl title. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this monday, february 6, 2011. let's take a live look outside. 5:00 a.m. 33 degrees. a cold start to your day. wonder if we'll get a nice stretch of winter weather. >> certainly feeling like it. it looked like it over the weekend. montgomery county had an inch to inch and a half of snow as well as parts of frederick county, northern loudoun and then it melted on sunday and now it's back to a dry pattern here for a couple of days. but it's cold. we are frosty cold this morning. in montgomery county down to the mid-20s. in the low to mid-20s most of fairfax county. arlington county near 30 degrees. down to the mid-20s as well in prince george's county. much of southern maryland as well as the northern neck and just about all of virginia, west virginia and the rest of maryland in the 20s this morning includin
more confederate soldiers and union soldiers learned about the difficulty of fighting in virginia. it didn't look anything like the paintings they had seen of the area. no. it's messy in virginia. and they learned how difficult it could be. and second and most important, robert edward lee was appointed as commander of the confederate forces defending richmond, and it would be this general lee that would make some critical decisions. first he's going to improve the enforcement -- the entrenchments around richmond. second he's going to bring stonewall jackson's very effective but still rather small force from the shenandoah valley to reinforce the defenses of richmond, that he would send his young cavalry chief jeb stewart on a reconnaissance that two inform him as to the extent and location of the mcclellan's union forces and having done all that he initiated the series of pounding, direct, and very, very bloody assaults aimed at pushing the union forces away. on the 26th of june, beaver dam creek near mechanicsville, 27th of june gaines million. 29th of june, savages station. 30th
it that in our next report. 50 right now, no problems between annapolis and cheverly. normal stuff in virginia on 95 and 66. that means an increase in volume, which is what we see in this picture. headlights are northbound out of newington, marching up to the beltway with more of your neighbors. adam caskey now. >> alisa clark on this monday morning. we are tracking cold temperatures outside. in the teens and 20's. a cool start day the workweek. this will be the coldest morning all week. 17 in huntingtown, manassas aldie. 23 and chevy chase and arlington. 21 in la plata. 45 this afternoon. increasing clouds close to sunset. pleasant today. upper level energy tomorrow causes may be a dusting of snow west of the blue ridge. otherwise no accumulations locally. agreed snow showers possible. highs in the 40's southeast of town. back to you. >> thank you. 6:01. it could still be weeks before we know exactly what killed whitney houston. the pop star was found dead saturday in a beverly hills hotel bathroom. >> the music world paid tribute during last night's grammy awards. >> ♪ and i will always lo
the potomac highlands, west virginia, western maryland could get clipped by a few sprinkles. otherwise, we will remain dry locally. 45 degrees in leesburg. 47 the right now in fort belvoir. highs in the the 60's this afternoon with a breeze and partly cloudy. >> in good shape as far as traffic around the beltway. overnight construction moved out of the way. looks good in tysons. nothing on 395. 66 in falls church. looks good at the wilson bridge and american legion. no complications in the district. b-w parkway, a vehicle went off the highway northbound near the pepsi plant. that's near 202 coming out of the district. southbound has nothing complicated to report. in maryland, the beltway at new hampshire avenue looks very quiet. more to come and newschopper 7 in a little while. >> it took a jury a matter of hours to return a verdict in the uva murder trial. they found george huguely guilty of second-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. >> and guilty of grand larceny and recommended a total sentence of 26 years. brianne carter is in charlottesville this morning with reaction t
♪ >>> we are live from richmond, virginia. this is the library of virginia where all day today on "american history tv" on c-span3 we're going to bring you a forum that seeks to answer the question, if "time" magazine had been around in 1862, who would "time" select as the person of year? the library of virginia co-hosting an event that invited five historians including david blight to answer that question. by the end of the day, the audience here in richmond will vote on person of the year 1862. so lots ahead, all-day coverage here on c-span3 on american history tv. and during breaks in the event in richmond, we will take your phone calls, we'll talk to the historians about their selections and also give you a chance to weigh in with your vote as well. now, you can do that on the phone. you can also do that online. if you're on twitter, follow us @cspanhistory. specifically today if you want to tweet use #poty1862. on facebook we've posted the question -- who do you think was the most influential person of 1862? we'll look at some of those throughout the da
ranked virginia on the road. won florida state. second half, cavaliers were down, but they went on a 14-0 run. the steal and the wide open lay in. virginia takes a 45-44 lead. michael, a long three pointer. it is good. the seminole bench getting excited. to joe harris, a good look to tie the game, but the three is not going to fall. virginia, they fall to florida state. 58-55. the seminoles seventh straight acc win. >> >> set greenberg and virginia tech hosting clemson. watch marquis, soaring one handed putback. he also fouled. that's a three-point play. the hokies hold on to defeat clemson. they improve to 2-6 in acc play. >> it's time for a quick break. coming up, the great eight make their way to the lineup. stay with us.  >>> welcome back. the odds were stacked against the odds. they hosted the number one team in the pacific division. the l.a. clippers. a team that has gotten the best of them the last five times they met. of course, blake griffin was in town, right? first quarter, mo williams to griffin for the one hander. l.a. was up early, 21-12. let's stay in
-46. >>> virginia hosting north carolina. late in the game, john tell evans a big steal and takes it all away. the cavaliers trail 52-50 and three minutes left in the game. the final seconds, tarholes lead by one. look at the ball fake and the pretty dunk. had a game high 20. north carolina beats virginia, 54-51. >>> and did you see this virginia tech and duke game? virginia tech struggling this year. the final secs and they're tied. eric green going for the win and his shot off. a great second effort for the win and that is no good. into overtime and for seth greenburg not and by 3. look at seth curry, a game high 19 and fifth-ranked duke over them in overtime and tied 12-2 in the acc. >>> we need other tv time out. when we come back here, can three but can't feed. -- hide.  >> welcome back. dave feldman was in florida for spring training. he had a opportunity to talk about his future to everything like his elbow. >> reporter: when you think about the nationals this season, you think about piping. when you think about the nats pepping, you think about steven straussbur
presentadas en la asamblea estatal de virginia siguen atemorizando a la comunidad... grupos que abogan por los inmigrantes intensifican su cabildeo para frenar estas legislaciones... maria rosa lucchini viajo hasta richmond para informarnos lo ultimo de estas en virginia, buscan a un asaltante de bancos.. detalles cuando regresemos..las autorida esperamos niunto de congelacion, despues de la pausa comercial les digo p do... cuerde notic to.. solvi nra e sis en fook y itter,bajooticia.a volvemos!!! la policia de fairfax investiga el robo a una sucursal del banco b b& t, localizado en el 841 ngton board...el raco ocuo esanana unombre ino a laando sual yemandoinero la cajer se deco la ntidadregada anos dedy 5-pi sei rblancade un adas destatu. vestiauna chaq v fe cla. cualr repola al nuehec ...ono tno 7031 trulle eal de rneliu grado,us un ma par prime posecie arma fuego.osiscalesea quwill le dio al palero weslebra las ueras staura judel 2010rele, e aprovecharse del anuncio historico que hizo el perdieron riesgo de perder sus casas... claudia uceda nos dice de que trata
decades in prison. wjz live. adam in virginia. >> reporter: that sentence was just handed down a short time ago. george could be in prison until he is 50 years old and just moments ago attorneys on both sides walked out making their first public comments since the trial began. >> george convicted of second degree murder dodges the worst punishment but could face up to 26 years in prison. they ruled the lacrosse player beat his girl friend, love, to death in her apartment in may may 20/10. hughly was obsessed after learning she had slept with another lacrosse player. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but loss everywhere. our hearts go out to the love family. they've suffered enormously. they could have been more helpful throughout the process of preparing and presenting the case. >> in court hughly showed no emotion during the verdict but started to weep before the sentencing phrase. the mother, sharon, told the jury every year that goes by i feel i'm forgetting pieces. his father didn't show up. instead, hughly's lawyers pled to the jury to spare his sentence. >> he
under parental supervision. sandusky faces 50 counts of child sex abuse. in virginia, the panic -- the president has finished unveiling his new plan. he spoke at northern virginia community college. details of the plan are already under attack from republicans. >> this is likely the start of a battle over the budget. the president laid out his priorities for 2013. among them appears to be education. he is hoping to use education to boost the economy. this morning he announced a plan to halt community college students get a job. >> employers are looking for the most skilled, educated workers. i do not want them to find them in india or china. >> speaking before teachers and students, he outlined a plan that would develop partnerships between community colleges and businesses to trained 2 million workers in industries like health care and ken transportation -- like health care and transportation. >> we can settle for a country where a few people do well and everyone else struggles or we can restore an economy where everybody gets a fair shot. >> it will help businesses train peopl
snow lovers. virginia saw most of the heavy snow. concern we could spots in our area. >> glad to be with you on this monday morning. have one school play in culpeper county were schools on a two-hour delay. all schools will open at 9:00 this morning. first is your meteorologist. >> most of the snow is out of the metro area gaster day. in fredericksburg and south of fredericksburg. let's take a look at some of the temperatures outside right now. voice apicked up, my raspy.bit at 32 in frederick. a little bit breezy to start the willnd then the wind subside. 48 and sunday later today. temperatures will drop below freezing. you cannot rule out a slight in the metro area. county as well. we are going to warm up nicely. thursday and friday in the 60's. no big precipitation chances until the end of the work week. >> nothing complicated to report around the region. well treated are the ways. spreadingave been out chemicals. give you normal travel along interstate 95. e have our eye on it presidents' day. crews the region spent the monitoring roads and force the spots. >> some travele
.com/cspan. coming up next, they'll get under way shortly at the library of virginia in richmond to get the program under way. live coverage on american history tv on c-span3. >>> good morning. hello, everybody. why don't we get started. good morning. my name is matt thompson, chairman of the board of the museum of the confederacy. and on behalf of the museum and the library of virginia, i welcome you to our 2012 symposium. this is the 15th year of our partnership with the library and we are truly grateful to it for hosting this event and for being a center of education in scholarship in downtown richmond. based on the feedback we received from last year's person of the year 1861 symposium, i think it's safe to say that this person of the year series is becoming a signature event of the continuing commemoration of the asses wa centennial of the civil war. as chairman of the museum, i'm obligated to remind everybody we are a constitution institution. please go to to become a member, renew your membership, make a donation and also to learn more about our grand opening on march 31st of our
on the roads across the region. strong winds also expected. we've got reports from maryland, virginia and the district. let's begin with anyon the weather desk. hi, annie. >> hi, brows. we saw snow around the beltway, not a lot. maybe a trace, some places getting up to half inch around the beltway. but right now the winds are picking up. here's a look at live doppler 9000 around the beltway. it's quiet but we do have some snowshowers to the south and east of us where you see the areas in blue. we're seeing snowshowers coming to an end. a slight chance we could see more snowshowers later tonight heading outside, definitely put on all the winter weather gear because temperatures are going to be very cold. how much snow do we get? maryland, two inches. clarksburg, about 7/10. reagan national getting a trace. warrenton, virginia getting just 1/10-inch of snow. our wind advisory is in effect. you see the areas in orange pretty much covering the entire d.c. metro area except for areas south of us. this is starting at 7 tonight, goes through 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. gusts up to 50 miles per
>> live on american history tv all day at the library of virginia, which in conjunction with museum of confederacy is asking the question who would be the person of the year, 1862, following after what "time" magazine does with person of the year. we've heard from three historians so far including james mcpherson and we'll give you a chance to speak to the professor in just a moment. the nomination from robert krick was stonewall jackson. david blight choosing fed rick douglas and james mcpherson with david furrogate. the phone lines will be open in just a moment. make sure you mute your television when you call in. you can send us a tweet. our hash tag today if you want to jot this down is poty1862. post your choice for person of the year on facebook. is where you go. ben says that his choice would be greely and second choice would be robert e. lee. on facebook a look at our facebook page, james saying that it's george. let's go back to the library and james mcpherson who just nominated admiral david furagate. he would be the only admiral on that list. you talked
of virginia men's lacrosse player accused in the beating death of his elk girlfriend -- ex-girlfriend testified he saw george huguely choking her months before her death. mike burnes says he witnessed huguely holding yeardley love in a choke hold in february, 2010. huguely is accused of killing love two months later. prosecutors say huguely killed love in a jealous rage, slamming her head against the wall. they showed the jury photos of love with bruises and swollen eyes. the defense said their client was too drunk to plot love's death. they say she was drunk and died of asphyxiation. >>> maryland teenagers might soon be banned from getting an artificial tan. a maryland senate committee is considering a bill that would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using an electronic tanning bed. right now, minors can use tanning beds with permission from their parents. but some lawmakers say teens don't have enough experience to consider the risks associated with artificial tanning. >>> 6:05. in a few hours, state lawmakers in maryland will consider a same-sex marriage bill. ch
coming out of west virginia. there was some lightning and thunder with this earlier, now at least we're looking at the lighter showers up to the north and occasional area of yellow there around new market here on i-70 and into upper montgomery county some slight showers and this extends back into parts of to northern shenandoah valley and before i go a quick look at the temps. in the low 40s north to already to low 60s down tappahannock and richmond. it's 50 in la plata. monika samtani happy friday. >>> at least you can enjoy half the day. the rest of the day, not so great. but this morning, things aren't looking too bad around town. the beltway's great. we're going to take a look at an accident here on the inbound side of new york avenue. it's at 9th street at the bridge there blocking the left lane. and it is slowing things down for you going about 30 miles an hour from bladensburg road heading over to 9th street right now. no problems through cheverly. in fact a look at route 50. coming in from annapolis this morning, it is nice and light all the way to the beltway. just keep that
'easter. national weather service has operated the winter storm watch warning across southern virginia, southwestern virginia. this includes areas like culpeper and shenandoah. they will either upgrade this to or downgraded to an advisory. next 48the futurecast, hours. expected band of snow afternoon into the hours. what do we expect in terms of snowfall? 3:00, that much -- not much the ground. it will be hard to accumulate. temperatures today it were well the 50's. 1.2 inches, up we may see it much. here is our forecast for tonight. 32 to 38 degrees. the extended outlook, temperatures are warm and very moving toward the middle of the week. >> the further north you go, you not see a whole lot. >> the capitals were in action today. it is a critical day because it a comeback. >> mike green is on the road. to caps could be skating the southeast division. we will tell you why. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the last time virginia hit spots, it was the 2006 season. year, they have not gotten back since. they meant that mark this year with fo
, close are clouds. the green area is rain. a few sprinkles panhandle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley, winchester toward charlestown and martinsburg, near hagerstown. that area of rain passing far west and north of washington now. but some steadier rain now just coming in to west virginia. that will likely be arriving by late morning. and during the afternoon. there may be a bit of a break from the rain for a time by mid to late afternoon for a brief time. certainly does look like a wet day. temperatures climbing to near 60 by late afternoon. could get thunder and lightning tonight. we'll talk about that with the evening planner. that will be in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you. >>> breaking news in prince george's county. right now a water main break has caused a major sinkhole in bladensburg. right now, no drivers can get by route 450 which is closed at route 1. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, and it is amazing that it is an actual sinkhole, that you can see that the asphalt is beginning to sink beca
. >>> first, dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's snowstorm, it snowed heavily in southwestern virginia. this is the radar over the last 24 hours. that storm came in in the form of rain in the green. snow in the white. it snowed heavily in bluxburg toward stanton, virginia, up to ten inches of snow. charlottesville got six inches. an inch and a half in the area. and the light blue, a dusting to an inch. the dark blue is where they got the heavy of the snow from yesterday. the temperatures are cold. near freezing throughout the region. past 6:00 in the morning, the cloud cover beginning to thin from west to east. as the morning progresses, we'll get increasing sunshine. sunrise at 6:54. breezes are blustery, too. that will settle down later. highs near 50 where there is no snow. lots of sun today. evening planner in ten minutes. danella? >>> good morning. right now it's all about the bridges. i'm checking them for you. they look really good. a live look at the sousa bridge. heading outbound or inbound this morning, volume very clear in this area. not seeing any problems for you. crossing
coverage on what is going on in virginia abortion politics and the law that bob mcdonnell said he will sign this, law involving mandatory trans vaginal ultrasounds in virginia, a law on the way to his desk now, after that segment, after that coverage last night we got a number of submissions from viewers with potential swag ideas for a presidential ticket that includes governor bob mcdonnell. for example this one, governor bob mcdonnell, swag style, the item in question would be a vaginal ultrasound probe. here is another one, same idea, different message, vaginal ultrasound probe that reads "this violation courtesy of the virginia gop." after those were e-mailed around the project went crazy, this one "if you can read this your government is too close." "small government." the best one for bob mcdonnell's hope the neck of the vaginal probe says "i can see the white house from here." if bob mcdonnell is on the residential ticket after what he is doing in virginia right now i think this swag will get made. it won't be made by the romney and mcdonnell campaign but will be made by the electora
of virginia. watch. this was the silent protest at virginia capitol. it was silent because of the rules for gathering on the capitol grounds. rules for gathering this prohibit assembling without a permit and flags and banners, they don't mandate that you be silent but the organizers looked at what they wanted to accomplish decided to organize this as a silent protest. they said "these people" state representatives, "they are used to signs, yelling, chanting, et cetera. it is not new, they are not used to silently being stared at and looking us in the eye" that is what the protesters did and it was powerful way to protest. in part because it's not typical it grabs your attention. this was also a way of showing rather than telling one of the complaints that people have particularly that women have, this was a mostly female group of protesters today, one of the complaints, you can show it rather than explain it. about this round of controversy right now in american social conservatism. >> what i want to know is where are the women? >> from the outrage over house republicans convening a hea
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